Youth Facing Health Challenges

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The Peer Mentors Project is a youth leadership initiative.  Local youth who live with a variety of challenging health conditions serve as mentors to others with a similar diagnosis and offer community education.  Their goal is to decrease stigma and raise awareness and support for individuals living with diabetes, epilepsy, hearing loss, ADHD, autism, cancer, organ transplant, Tourettes, learning differences, depression/anxiety, or traumatic brain injury/concussion. Funding for the project this year is from the La Plata Electric Round Up Education fund.  On May 16th, 2014 the youth will offer their second exhibit on some of these topics at the Powerhouse Science Museum (formerly the Durango Discovery Museum) from 10:30 to 1:30.  For more information contact Coordinator Liza Tregillus, (970)749-9607.



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