Summer is Here!

This year La Plata Youth Services has a summer program that will keep youth engaged, mindful, and active.  We have developed a program that runs an experiential education outing at the beginning of the week, and follows up with a community service day at the end of the week.  Both days are connected by educational content and are designed to keep the youth focused on a theme and to place ideology, theory, and practice in an understandable context for them to reflect upon. This summer we are focusing on many themes: Ecosystems and Sustainable Agriculture, Hydrology, Equestrian experiential learning and therapy, goal setting and overcoming obstacles, Self exploration and Identity, Community, self-expression and art, and Cultural awareness/sensitivity.

We will be including many other agencies and their youth populations as well.  Included in our summer program will be youth involved in La Plata Youth Services, Senate Bill 94 Pretrial Services, Probation Department, San Juan BOCES, and Durango 9-R School District.  All events and outings will be supervised by staff and volunteers from these organizations and agencies.

For more information please click to download these files:

2014 SUMMER program

Summer Calendar 2014

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