2017 Summer Program

La Plata Youth Services

Summer Program

The 2017 La Plata Backyard Adventures Summer Program (LPBA) will be an 11-week program with experiential education activities and service learning projects. Activities and projects will put philosophy, theory, and practice in an understandable context for participating youth to reflect upon. LPBA will encourage youth to make connections between things they experience and learn in activities, and the valuable service they provide in the community.

The summer program will focus on 3, 4-week experiential education series:

  1. Mountain Biking (June 5th – June 30th)
  2. Gardening & Sustainability (July 3rd – July 31st)
  3. Art Exploration (August 2nd – August 18th)

Each series will consist of 4 experiential education activities and one related service learning project.

There will be a “fun day” at the end of each month to celebrate the hard work of participants. Students must participate in the monthly service day in order to attend each monthly fun day.

All summer programming events will start and end at La Plata Youth Services.  Please see the calendar for specific dates and times. This program is completely free, but we do ask that participants bring a lunch and water bottle to stay hydrated.

Participation is referral based.  

If you have any questions, please contact the Program Coordinator,

Samantha Gibson, at samantha@lpys.org or call 970.385.4440 ext. 22


Highlights from 2015

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