Marijuana Group (GRAM)

Getting Real About Marijuana (GRAM) is an evidence based program that is part educational and part cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). GRAM consists of five separate group sessions that are ninety minutes each followed by one to two individual sessions of Motivational Interviewing (MI). This group is based on harm reduction rather than abstinence from marijuana use. Content covered includes Amendment 64 and medical marijuana, psychological and physical, percieved use by teens compared to actual use, cravings, peer pressure, problem solving, emotional awareness and enhancing social support. Participants will be given brief homework assignments for each group session.

Ever since the creation of drug programs, many have failed to have any sort of significant effect of deterring drug use among adolescents.  The reason for this is that many drug education courses are one sided and nearly propaganda.  GRAM has a commitment to educating our youth on the reality of marijuana use and abuse, and to provide a comfortable place to discuss and reflect the issues with marijuana use among youth.  We want youth to feel comfortable when they come to marijuana class, and we want them to be honest.  To do this we try to maintain a respectful environment where no severe judgement will be placed on any participants.  All classes will maintain confidentiality and respect for all GRAM students.


  • Classes are every Wednesday from 4:00-5:30 pm
  • Five weeks long
  • Run by Scott Smith, LPYS Case Manager and Youth Advocate
    • Phone: (970)385-4440 x11
    • Cell: (970)799-0910
    • E-mail:
  • Located at the LPYS building: 2301 Main Ave. Durango, CO 81301