Useful Public Service

Working at Medicine Horse

Often, when a youth is asked, “How can you make things right?” the answer is some form of useful public service! This level of community engagement is a powerful opportunity for youth to gain life skills and feel empowered to improve themselves and their surroundings. In placement, we strive to know what each youth likes to do, what they want to do, and how they can participate in the community in a way that is meaningful to both the youth and the service site.

Useful Public Service Opportunities

  • Do arts and crafts with the elderly at 4-Corners Health Care through the Abuelos program on Tuesday afternoons from 4-6 pm
  • Care for special needs children with Tambo Respite Care from 2:30 to 7 pm one Saturday per month
  • Get some puppy love at the Humane Society, spend a day walking, hiking, and playing with shelter dogs anytime
  • Cook a hearty meal for the homeless population or help make backpacks for a children’s project at Manna Soup Kitchen on Wednesday evenings from 4-7 pm
  • Sing the ABCs and play duck-duck-goose with the preschool children at Head Start after school
  • Help out with meals and meet some awesome people at the Durango Community Shelter every night from 4-6:30 pm
  • Haul food, fix fences, clean pens, care for and love the wolves and wolf-dogs at Wolfwood Refuge once a month on Saturdays
  • Connect with horses while working at Medicine Horse
  • Harvest and prepare wild foods with the Turtle Lake Refuge, opportunities are on-going so let us know if you’re interested!

We are always looking for new and fun ways for our youth to be involved in community events. If you know of any service opportunities in your area, or events that could use some extra hands, please contact Claire at