How we assess participants:

La Plata Youth Services is dedicated to making sure program participants are completing their requirements for diversion, truancy, and other referrals. We also use our assessment to inform our strategies for working with youth, and are always dedicated to providing as much positive support for youth as possible.

Our assessment instrument Efforts To Outcomes (ETO), also known as Insight to Impact, calculates youth assets and risk factors based on pre and post survey data, which we collect at the beginning and end of each client’s enrollment in the program.

Through ETO, we assess for:

  • school and community involvement
  • alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use
  • self deprecation
  • delinquency and aggression
  • optimism and problem solving

Our program has shown an overall increase in positive assets of youth and a decrease of unhealthy and destructive behaviors after completion. For a glimpse at our success rates, referral sources, and mode of assessment, click on links below related to fiscal year.

Fiscal Year 2014: LPYS fy14 End of Year Client Data

Fiscal Year 2013: LPYS fy13 End of Year Client Data