The assessment is a three part process: intake, progress, and completion. Intake will be the first initial assessment of risk areas, relationships, personality, hobbies, etc.  Progress assessment is continuous on how they are doing so far in all of the areas discussed in intake, and progress on programs and obligations in their contract.  Completion assessment will be the overall achievement of completing their contract requirements, and showing improvement in risk areas.

During the intake process, we will meet with youth and parent(s) to discuss where the problem areas are in school, communication, behavior, substance use, and general conversation on hobbies, activities, interests, etc. He or she will then take a survey that assesses risk areas, which will be a basis on how to form their contract, what programs to place them in etc. We form a contract with the kid one on one, and they have a say in how they participate in their path to success.

Leaving kids with their own responsibility, and emphasis on taking charge of their own lives is a large part of what we do.  Youth in our program are responsible for making sure that they are completing their goals as stated in our contract with them. We will continuously check in with them and assess that this is happening.

Upon completion, we will assess whether or not they have completed goals and requirements, and how they are doing in their risk areas.  If no effort is shown to complete these goals and requirements, then termination from our program is an option, however this is a rare and unfortunate circumstance. If we keep contact with our clients on a regular basis, establishing positive relationships, then termination is an unlikely result.

LPYS is dedicated to helping each youth along the way. We want to make a positive impact in their lives, so regular assessment of our clients is crucial to their success. Assessment also allows us to evaluate if their contract is working for them. How can we make this work for you? What is not working out? What should we change, or how can you make this work out? These are questions we ask to effectively navigate with our youth through our programs.