LPC Regional Collaborative Management Program

La Plata County Collaborative Management Program: LPYS serves as the lead agency for a series of client-centered, community-based, collaborative programs, designed to serve the highest-need youth in our community. LPC CMP and LPYS partnership programs include (a) the School Multidisciplinary Review Team, or SMART; (b) the Community-in-Schools Partnership Program (CISP); and (c) Radical Possibilities Therapeutic Mentorship Program.

  • SMART: The Student Multidisciplinary Assessment Review Team, or SMART, is a community-based “case management tool,” which addresses the needs of habitually truant and at-risk students facing complex need situations that require wraparound care and collaborative case management. In fy17, 7 youth participated in a total of 15 SMART review meetings.
  • Community-in-Schools Partnership (CISP) Program provides a wrap-around, early intervention and prevention response to the issues facing chronically absent, habitually truant, and at-risk students and their families. Programming concentrates on improving school climate and coordinated delivery of community resources in the school setting, including mentorship, family outreach, mental health, case management, restorative justice, tutoring, and transportation. In fy17, CISP reached 410 youth. Of these youth, 50% saw an increase in attendance, 67% saw a reduction in behavioral incidents at school, and 100% saw a reduction in suspensions. Furthermore, no students reached through CISP were expelled that school year.
  • Therapeutic Mentorship (RP):  RP delivers a neurologically-based, therapeutic intervention to youth who experience significant adversity and provides robust training and professional development to burgeoning practitioners in the mental health field. In fy17, RP served 14 youth. 58% saw an increase in attendance, and 1 in 4 youth reduced their number of suspensions that school year.