Our Programs

What we do

La Plata Youth Services provides individualized support for each youth and family that chooses to work with us. We believe that every person has unique needs, desires, motivations, and goals. Our wide array of programing reflects our commitment to personalizing services so that each youth is given the tools they need to become successful members of our community.

Who we work with

LPYS manages juvenile diversion services for La Plata County, and most referrals are made for first-time minor offenses. LPYS provides an opportunity for these youth to recognize accountability, reflect on their choices, and engage in the community to reduce delinquency and repeat offenses.

Youth do not need to be formally charged by a law enforcement official to be a good fit for our program. We listen to concerns from all levels and invite youth to come in and meet us to determine if our program could benefit them.

Assessment and Planning

Once a youth has decided to work with us, the family and youth identify their strengths, concerns, and support that they are seeking. The knowledgeable and compassionate staff at LPYS suggest options for youth and families, and together we come up with an individualized and comprehensive plan for the youth to be successful.

Please note that the staff at LPYS are not counselors. Referrals are made to the appropriate agencies if the youth is in need of psychiatric, substance abuse, medical or therapeutic services.

Our Services