La Plata Youth Services is transforming it’s role in the community to be more proactive in providing the necessary support for at-risk youth and their families.

Please check back soon for continuing updates!

Alternative Education Resources:

Gateway to College provided by pueblo community college in Durango. You can print and fill out this application if interested- Gateway Application

For more information on Gateway: Gateway FAQ

Here are some additional resource links for Schools in the area and alternative education:

Durango 9-R School District

Durango Adult Education Center

Animas High School

GOAL Academy Online!

ACT and SAT Tutoring and Prep

South West Community College

Fort Lewis College

Drug and Alcohol Education

Addiction Resource for Parents and Educators

Reducing Smoking Among Teens

Domestic Violence and Drug Abuse

Employment and Internships:

School To Work Alliance Program

Health and Human Services:

Durango Human Services

AXIS Health System

Family Resources:

La Plata Family Centers Coalition

Alternative Horizons

Bullying Resources

Shane Koyczan: To This Day TED Talk!

Department of Education – Bullying

Anti-Bullying Network List of books

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


It Gets Better: a resource for LGBTQ youth

Born this Way: Links on bullying and much more resources for struggling adolescents

For Students with Disabilities

Student Bullying Awareness Guidebook

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Guidebook