NOW HIRING: School-based Restorative Practices Facilitator- Durango High School

School-Based Restorative Practices Facilitator for Secondary School (Salaried, Exempt)

Reports to: La Plata Youth Services LPYS Restorative Justice Program Manager (Direct Supervisor) and School Designated Point-Person.


  • Collaborate with restorative facilitator team to develop resources, tools, activities, and strategies to promote the implementation of embedded restorative practices within overall school-based systems of support.
  • Provide professional development and other capacity building strategies at designated school sites in partnership with Durango School District 9-R as needed and in alignment with school and district goals and initiatives.
  • Collaborate with schools, students, staff, and restorative practitioners on activities and events that support building restorative practices.
  • Actively work with site and district based teams to integrate systems of support with restorative practices.
  • Educate and coach school personnel on appropriate use of restorative practices relative to their position at the school and capacity.
  • Develop and document policies and procedures, in coordination with school district administration and site-based Restorative Practices Implementation Teams (RPIT).
  • Build and maintain key relationships with school staff/personnel and outside organizations, agencies, and support systems (includes schools, law enforcement, community resources, etc.).
  • Support and facilitate Tier 3 processes to define, understand, and acknowledge youth and family needs, and to develop restorative agreements.
  • Work with key personnel to identify students at-risk for suspension, expulsion, absenteeism, and/or truant.
  • Facilitate Restorative Processes for identified “at-risk” or high need students.
  • Advocate for youth and families having difficulty receiving needed services.
  • Work in tandem with other school-based facilitators to facilitate Tier 3 processes as needed.
  • Record participant activities and data in appropriate databases, in order to document efficacy and outcomes of the program.
  • Help to develop additional data collection methods to document further professional development and capacity needs for each site in coordination with implementation teams and the Restorative Justice Program Manager.
  • Maintain contact with designated Point-Person to track successful or unsuccessful completion of Tier 3 restorative agreements.
  • Attend regular meetings, trainings (local, regional, and state), and project specific conference calls.
  • Adhere to the state of Colorado Restorative Justice Standards of Training and Practice developed by the RJ Colorado Council.
  • When in a crisis situation or making a mandated report, notify direct supervisor and consult with the LPYS Clinical Supervisor.
  • Adhere to workplace conduct policies as outlined by placement site school and school district in addition to LPYS policies and procedures.

Other Duties as Assigned by LPYS Supervisor.


  • School-based, systems-related experience required (includes promoting and guiding change within school systems, implementing practices and policies);
  • Experience working with youth in conflict/crisis;
  • Knowledge of and training in restorative justice practices, theoretical framework, and philosophy; trauma-informed care and
  • Experience with group facilitation or mediation.
  • One on one, group, telephone; written communication and organization skills.
  • Comply with confidentiality and mandated reporting of child abuse, neglect, and harm to self or others.

Background Checks: All staff must participate in a background check, and driving history check. Staff must also show proof of auto insurance and submit a copy of diploma or certificate of training.

If you are interested in employment with La Plata Youth Services, please submit a completed application, resume, and cover letter to our office at 2490 Main Avenue. Click Here to be redirected to our Employment Opportunities Page. You may also fax (970) 385-1726 or e-mail the application to

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