Volunteering with La Plata Youth Services offers you the opportunity to make a difference in your community by positively affecting the lives of at-risk youth. LPYS serves youth in Durango, Bayfield, and Ignacio, as well as surrounding rural areas in La Plata County. We are a small organization, which allows us to be flexible with each individual that walks through our doors. If you have an interest or prior experience working with youth or youth “at-risk”, we may have a place for you!


 La Plata Backyard Adventures Summer Program

The La Plata Backyard Adventures Summer Program (LPBA) is a collaborative between three La Plata County youth-serving agencies; La Plata Youth Services, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and SOS Outreach. The purpose of LPBA is to keep youth engaged during the summer months.

The structure of the program is to provide workshops that build skills and knowledge about a particular subject, followed by service projects that exercises the skills learned. The summer program provides interactive and meaningful workshops and activities that encourage reflection and understanding to promote positive community connections.

The program starts June 13th and continues through August 12th with an End of Summer BBQ on August 18th!

Volunteers to be a chaperon! See the volunteer and sign-up packet for more details.

Community Service Learning and Experiential Education


  • La Plata Youth Services often works with youth who need to do some Useful Public Service (UPS) out in the community as a condition of their contract with LPYS.
  • Many UPS opportunities require that the youth involved bring adult supervision. Volunteers can chaperon youth to UPS events.
  • Additional chaperons will be required for experiential education outings and other summer events and activities, including events put on by other partner organizations.


Restorative Justice – Community Members/Facilitators

  • “Restorative Justice is a process whereby the parties with a stake in the particular offense come together to resolve collectively how to deal with the aftermath of the offense and its implications for the future” – Tony Marshall, Advocate, restorativejustice.org
  • LPYS facilitates Restorative Justice Circles with trained mediators and volunteers.
  • Volunteers may be trained as a facilitator or sit in on RJ circles as a volunteer community member which requires no training, but a willingness to represent themselves and community values.

Volunteers are integral to the functioning of non-profit organizations (according to United Way estimates, volunteers in Colorado are valued at more than $20 an hour!). WE GREATLY APPRECIATE AND VALUE ALL OF OUR VOLUNTEERS!

If you’re interested, please contact:

Samantha Gibson

Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator
(970) 385-4440 Ex: 22