Employment Opportunities

Employment Philosophy: LPYS seeks individuals to join our team who value making a positive impact in the lives of youth and families. The ideal applicant will be hard-working, a team player, and passionate about working with young people. LPYS provides employees a supportive, cooperative environment in addition to training and on-going professional development.

Mission: La Plata Youth Services supports and advocates for youth facing challenges in school, home, or court.

Benefits: Vacation, sick leave, simple IRA, health insurance monthly stipend, professional development, and mileage reimbursement.

Background Checks: All staff must participate in a in a child abuse registry check, Colorado Bureau of Investigation check, and driving history check. Staff must also show proof of auto insurance and submit a copy of diploma or certificate of training.

If you are interested in employment with La Plata Youth Services, please fill out an application and return it, with a current resume and cover letter, to our office at 2301 Main Avenue.

You may also fax or e-mail the application to (970) 385-1726, or katy@lpys.org

Escalante Middle School-Based Restorative Practices Facilitator, Independent Contractor Description

Description: The School-Based Restorative Practices Facilitator is a Colorado Department of Education Grant funded contract position through La Plata Youth Services. The position will be responsible for implementing and coordinating restorative justice practices at Escalante Middle School. This includes, but is not limited to RJ practices facilitation, reporting and evaluation, and networking and communication.

Contracted Services:


  • In coordination with the LPYS RJ Coordinator, provide coaching and support to staff and teachers utilizing connection circles and other restorative practices designed to build relationships among staff and students;
  • In coordination with Restorative Justice Implementation Team (RPIT), facilitate and coordinate restorative justice circles in response to behavioral incidents, conflicts, and reintegration into the school environment after suspension or expulsion;
  • Mentor selected in-school personnel to facilitate and coordinate restorative justice circles in response to behavioral incidents, conflicts, and reintegration into the school environment after suspension or expulsion, with a goal to long-term program sustainability;
  • In coordination with the LPYS RJ Coordinator, provide education to ensure school-wide fidelity to restorative justice best practices, including integration of trauma-informed care;


    • In partnership with the LPYS RJ Coordinator, create common language and materials for teachers around restorative practices;
    • Create recommendations and documentation for matching specific restorative practice to incident (i.e. when to use student-led circles, classroom-based intervention, etc…)


  • Develop and document policies and procedures for an ongoing restorative justice program in Escalante Middle School, which may also be adapted by subsequent schools;


    • Administer surveys to participating youth and staff; record participant and activities data in order to document efficacy and outcomes of the program;


  • Attend regular meetings, trainings (local, regional, and state), and project specific conference calls; and
  • Adhere to the state of Colorado Restorative Justice Standards of Practice developed by the RJ Colorado Council.



    • School-based, systems-related experience required (includes promoting and guiding change within school systems, implementing practices and policies);


  • Experience working with youth in conflict/crisis;
  • Knowledge of and training in trauma-informed care;
  • Knowledge of and training in restorative justice practices, theoretical framework, and philosophy; and
  • Experience with group facilitation or mediation.


Education: Bachelor’s degree (required); Master’s degree (preferred); human services related field preferred (either or both degrees).

Contract Duration: Total of 745 hours from December 15, 2018 through June 30, 2018. Generally, the Independent Contractor should be available onsite at EMS during school hours. This is a grant-funded contract and will not necessarily be renewed at the end of the contracted time frame.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled

Send resume/cover letter to Scott Smith; scott@lpys.org